GRINGAS - pilot Ep101 by Al Rincones Three badass female vigilantes travel to South America to hunt down evil drug dealers. starring: Seri DeYoung, Vanessa Born, Debbie Kagy Justin Alvarez, Dominique Generaux, Sara Castro

Tales from Aguas Vivas! by Carlos

Movie Night! 6/23 - Western!

This is based on a series of stories I’ve had boiling around in my head since high school. It’s my own little world to write new stories in, and as I meet new people, I’ll create new characters in this world. I hope someday to develop it into a comic or anime. Enjoy!

Meeting El Coyote by Al Rincones

Two friends lose one of their own when he travels back in time into the wild west.

My first western with a Sci-Fi hint. Submitted to Movie Night on Western Night on June 22, 2009.

Directed by Al Rincones
DP by Marques Smith

Carlos Mendez, Johnny Adonis, Al Rincones, Daniel Trainer, Jose Carrillo, and Scott Hughes

Turning Bounty by Al Rincones

A Bounty Hunter races through the streets in search of a speeding criminal. Music Video for Keri Wilson ft Lil Wayne - Turning me On.

Directed by Al Rincones

David Vazquez
Stewart Menzel
Will Menzel
Al Rincones
Jonathan Estrada

First Kiss by Carlos Mendez

Movie Night! Entry 3/2/09
Theme: Sound F/X

Alessandra Rizzotti - Patty
Chris Godley - Charlie
Emily Gorski - Michelle
Carlos Mendez, Ben
Robert Bruce - Guy #1
Al Rincones - Guy #2

Double Dragon: The Reckoning by Carlos Mendez, Jr

Movie Night! Submission 2/2/09
Theme: Video Game

Directed by: Carlos Mendez, Jr.
Written by: Drew Michael, Robert Bruce, Carlos Mendez, Jr.
Billy Lee: Adam McArthur
Jimmy Lee: Erik Norris
Marion: Anne-Mari Harris
Cinematography: Al Rincones
Edited by: Carlos Mendez, Jr.

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